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Lengthy: a Chrome extension for GitHub README files

Cette note est écrite en anglais, c’est voulu.

Over the weekend, I found myself reading this page. A lot. And one thing that really started to annoy me is that README files like the one on the page are really hard to browse if there are over two or three sections in them.

So, I wrote Lengthy, a Google Chrome/Chromium extension that adds a table of contents to README files on GitHub. All types of README files are supported (Markdown, Textile, RDoc, etc) because the extension interacts with the HTML content on the page.



After (when the arrow icon is clicked):


Currently, the best way to install the extension is by cloning the Git repository and opening the .crx file with your browser:

$ git clone git://github.com/remiprev/lengthy.git
$ open lengthy/ext/lengthy.crx

Hopefully it will be useful to others as much as it is to me.